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Honey Singh Quotes Urfi Javed in His Song About Misogyny, Saying ‘Woh Kuch Bhi Pehne…’

Honey Singh has amassed a large following among his fans as a result of his multiple chart-topping party anthems throughout the years.

Singer-rapper Honey Singh has gained popularity among his followers due to his chart-topping party anthems over the years. He has also composed several songs for the Bollywood, including, Desi Kalakar, Brown Rang, Blue Eyes, and Love Dose. During a recent discussion with Pinkvilla, Honey Singh shared his perspective on dealing with negative feedback regarding the lyrics of his tracks.

Despite the widespread popularity of his tracks, the singer has frequently faced controversy, with some labelling his music as ‘trash,’ ‘sexist,’ and ‘misogynistic.’ In response to criticisms regarding the vulgarity and misogyny in his songs, Honey Singh denied any intentional wrongdoing, questioning why people would continue to listen if this were the case. He also claimed that over the past 15 years, many have even invited him to perform at their daughters’ weddings as well. He said, “Aunty log bhi stage pe aake naachte hai, aunty police bula alegi. Log aajkal zyada sensitive ho gaye hai,” adding that songs with misogynistic lyrics existed in the past as well, but people did not react to them as strongly as they do now. Citing Uorfi Javed’s example, he said, “Urfi Javed and said, “Wo bold kapde pehente hai, toh log kuch bhi likh dete hai. Wo kuch bhi pehne, 2023 hai ye, kaha jaa rahe hai humlog?”

In a recent interview with Mid Day, the singer, who has spoken openly about his previous struggles with mental health, reflected on that period of his life. He shared that his ability to recover was due to his inner strength. He said, “I have been strong since childhood, even when I entered the industry I had to face a lot of repercussions be it about my lyrics or my personality. I never clarified these things because I avoided giving interviews. In my documentary on Netflix I will open up about who Hirdesh Singh (his real name) is.”

The singer-rapper is all set to release his latest album, Honey 3.0, after nine years.