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Bengali Actress Ritabhari Chakraborty Gains 25 kg For “Meet XXL Version”

The caravan opens with a plus-sized Ritabhari living in a perfectly middle-class household with her husband.

Bengali actress Ritabhari Chakraborty’s rapid weight increase sparked debate among social media users. The 30-year-old, who was continuously harassed for her weight, eventually said that she had to endure two major surgeries, which resulted in her significant weight transformation. But, being the bold lady that she is, Ritabhari has turned a deaf ear to the haters. In order to raise awareness about body positivity, the actress has signed on to star in a new film dubbed Fatafati. The trailer for the film was released on April 15. Shearing her inhibitions about her figure, the actress admitted that she had gained 25 kg for the film.

Sharing the trailer of Fatafati on Instagram, Ritabhari penned a lovely caption that read, “Meet XXL version of me – Phullora! Some scripts are worth going to this length for. Presenting the trailer of my next Fatafati. Story of a plus-size model – a love story – an emotional roller coaster ride in the quest for self-love! Coming on 12th May with an extra large bang.”

The trailer opens with a plus-sized Ritabhari living with her husband in a completely middle-class household. A housewife, she aims to be a fashion designer by profession. The story then takes us through the stereotypical remarks she has to face owing to her weight. People appear to crush her dreams of becoming a fashion influencer because of her extra pounds.

Despite all of the social restraints, Fatafati is the story of a lady who rises above the harsh comments to pursue her dream, no matter what others say. Furthermore, she has a loving husband, Bengali actor Abir Chatterjee, as well as her son, who is also a rock of support for her. The video appears to be on a mission to debunk stereotypes about plus-size women and aspiring plus-size models.