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Gadar Ek Prem Katha director Tinu Verma recalls the time when he slapped comedian Kapil Sharma

Gadar Ek Prem Katha action director Tinu Verma recently disclosed how he slapped superstar comedian Kapil Sharma and expelled him from the 2001 movie’s set. Tinu recounted the day when Kapil was a part of the opening sequence of the movie and how the comedian had messed it up during his conversation with renowned actor Mukesh Khanna.

“Kapil Sharma has talked about this on his show as well. His father told him that if he wanted to be an actor, he should visit the sets where Gadar was being shot. I prefer to operate the camera and was looking at the frame when I saw one man running in the other direction. I called him and asked why he did that, and told him ‘teri wajah se one more hua shot, idhar hi jana. bhaag ke jaa (It was retake because of you. Run in this direction).’ I then focused on him but found him running in the opposite direction once again,” Tinu told Mukesh Khanna.

He then added, “Maine camera chhoda aur main uss bade ke paas bhaaga. Aur jaise hi pakda, phaaad (makes a slapping gesture), ek kaan ke neeche diye aur maine bola isko bahar nikaalo. (I put the camera down and ran towards him. The moment I caught him, I slapped him.) Throw him out off the set. It was the same Kapil Sharma.”