WhatsApp payments, the upcoming feature

Initiated by Jan Koum, WhatsApp has been one among the most widely used social applications, currently owned by Facebook Inc.
WhatsApp is now adding a new accessory i.e. people will soon be able to handle payments via WhatsApp. It is working on the feature to enable fund transfers through chats.
India has been the biggest platform for telecom firms. The chat platform is the biggest use base in India and it so far is the reason for India being the first country to experience WhatsApp payments.
It will be called ‘WhatsApp Pay’, and it’s currently undergoing its final testing phase. As per the reports, the company has tied up with SBI, ICICI, and HDFC as the bank partners for the feature which essentially work on a UPI (Unified Payment Interface) based payment method.
The feature will add a “Rupees” symbol under the ‘Attachment’ option in the WhatsApp chats. The transfer process is pretty easy. Users can transfer money by entering the amount to be transferred and the required UPI.
A new “delete for everyone” feature
WhatsApp users generally come up with mistyped texts cross messaging. Well, the company has come up with a solution.
It is soon launching its ‘delete for everyone’ option, which can enable users to delete a message that has already been sent, for all people within a conversation.
It has also been revealed that the messages can be deleted only up to seven minutes after sending.
Currently, the app’s delete feature just deletes message for the sender and not for the receiver, but with this update, users can delete specific messages sent to either a group or any individual.
The message deleted for everyone would be replaced by “This message was deleted” in your recipients’ chat. This new feature is expected to provide more convenience to its users.