WhatsApp has launched the long-awaited Fast-Playback feature

WhatsApp introduces fast playback feature


WhatsApp has introduced new fast-playback functionality for its Indian customers. The business has been testing the function on the beta version of the program for quite some time before releasing it to consumers. Millions of WhatsApp users who use the application’s voice messaging function will like the change because they will no longer have to listen to everything at the same sluggish rate at which the message was recorded. The business, however, failed to introduce the slow-playback functionality for voice communications.


WhatsApp users can now fast forward messages up to two times.

WhatsApp now allows users to fast forward messages by up to two times. It’s worth noticing that even if the user presses the fast forward button, the pitch of the voice note remains constant, ensuring that the user understands the content provided.

Users may use the function by just tapping on the voice message and playing it. When the voice message is played, consumers will see an option to raise the rate of the voice note by 1.5x at first. As previously stated, users can enhance the message’s pace by up to two times if desired.

Users will no longer have to worry about extended audio messages with the new fast-forward functionality. They may easily fast-forward the message and reduce its length by half by using the 2x speed option.

Users will be able to utilize the functionality whether they are speaking in a personal chat window or in a group. The new function is now available to all Indian users. To make use of the new functionality, all we need to do is upgrade the app to the most recent version, which is available for both iOS and Android.

Consumers are more likely to continue using the program as a result of features like these, despite the company’s new privacy policy difficulties. WhatsApp has yet to announce that it is completely ditching its privacy regulations. The social media behemoth has been widely scrutinized as a result of the new policy. Surprisingly, its user base in India and throughout the world remains strong.