Whatsapp features may stop working if you don’t accept the new privacy policy , details

After the May 15 deadline, WhatsApp said that it would not eradicate the accounts of those users who do not accept the new privacy policy.

• WhatsApp said that it would not delete the accounts of those users who do not accept the new privacy policy that came in by whatsapp.
• Customers might not lose their accounts but maybe they start losing some basic features.
• WhatsApp has been in the eye of people and critics ever since it had stated its new privacy policy.

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WhatsApp while launching its privacy policy had said that the customers need to accept the new privacy policy to continue the usage of. However, now the organization has claimed that it will not delete the account of people if they do not accept the privacy policy but they will limit the functionality on some levels. This will hamper people using the application.

If users do not accept the policy even after repeated reminders, the screen asking users to accept the policy, that pops up once in a while , then it will appear permanently on your display whenever you open the application. The only way to bypass the screen would be to accept the new policy made in order to access the chat list or send messages in your account.

The company stated that after a few weeks of limited functionality, people won’t be able to access incoming calls or notifications and the application will stop sending messages and calls to your device. Then , people will have to choose: either they accept the new terms of the privacy policy, or they are in effect prevented from using the application.

WhatsApp had initially told the people about their new privacy policy via an in-app notifications in January. The organization had given February 8 deadline to the customers to accept the new privacy policy but the lack of clarity about what it actually is had a confusing reaction coming up from people. Many of them moved to other messaging applications like Signal and Telegram because they thought their private information would be shared with Facebook. But WhatsApp had said time and again that there would be no change in their data sharing policy that was there before. The chats are encrypted, so they could never be accessed by anybody apart from the sender and receiver .

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