Western Digital launched ideal storage solutions for data management

Western Digital Corp. has unveiled a new range of products that caters to the data management needs of the mobile phone market. The new range of products launched include SanDisk Extreme(R) microSD card (400GB), SanDisk Memory Zone (SMZ) App for end consumers and iNAND MC EU321, for mobile phone manufacturers.
“Today the way digital content is captured, preserved, accessed and transformed through our mobile phones requires us to evaluate how we efficiently manage this plethora of content. At Western Digital, we are committed to providing our consumers with the means and tools to manage their data well. The products introduced today aim at delivering high performance in the mobile phone segment”, said Sven Rathjen, VP – Marketing, Western Digital Corporation.

Introduced SanDisk Extreme(R) microSD card (400GB), SanDisk Memory Zone (SMZ) App for end consumers and iNAND MC EU321, for mobile phone manufacturers at the IMC 2018.

SanDisk Extreme MicroSD (400GB) card provides extreme speed for transferring data. It is an ideal card for Android Smartphones, drones and action cameras. This high-performance microSD card handles 4K UHD video recording, Full HD video and high-resolution photos. The super-fast SanDisk Extreme microSDXC memory card can read up to 160MB/s and can write up to 90MB/s*. The A2 rating makes it an ideal card for an exceptional smartphone experience. This product comes with an MRP of INR 22,000.
SanDisk Memory Zone (SMZ) App allows consumers to access and organize their content—whether stored on their phone, a microSD card or the cloud. Additionally, it also allows the user to back up photos, videos, contacts and social media accounts and set up automatic backup on SanDisk Dual Drive. Additionally it enables you to save and delete photos & videos from popular chat apps thereby freeing up space on your smartphone
Last but not the least, iNAND MC EU321 Embedded Flash Drive, leverages Western Digital’s 96-layer 3D NAND technology, advanced UFS 2.1 interface technologies. Thus enabling an exceptional user experience for data-intensive smartphones and mobile devices. The product is designed to maintain high and persistent performance even as devices approaches full capacity through usage of applications such 4K video, slow motion video, high resolution photography, augmented reality, virtual reality, and AI.
“We’re driving the innovation across every layer of the infrastructure necessary to stay ahead of new demands. The range of products that we announced today, is the testimony to our endeavour in the smart phone segment”, said Jaganathan Chelliah, Director – Channel Marketing, Western Digital India.
The launch added to the momentum of the event, India Mobile Congress (IMC 2018).