US Applauds India’s decision to not allow Chinese Companies to Swarm the 5G Market

Huawei and ZTE denied 5g trials in India

After India’s breathtaking, yet crucial decision to not allow Chinese Manufacturers such as Huawei, ZTE to not allow them to conduct 5G trials on the country is now a global concern The United States applauf=ding India for the same, seems to have taken a toll.

The department of telecom in India on Tuesday had approved applications of telecom companies Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Idea, and MTNL to conduct 5g Trials, but none of the mentioned would be using Chinese technologies for the same.

Michael McCaul, China Task Force Chairman, and House Foreign Affairs Committee lead Republican on Wednesday stated, “India’s Decision to exclude Huawei and ZTE is good news for the people of India and the World”.

People’s Republic Of China law requires any Chinese company- including ZTE and Huawei; to work for the Chinese Communist party if asked. As a matter of fact, the previous Trump administration had branded Chinese Tech Companies as posing a National Threat. The United States is also asking its friends and allies to curb the use of technologies controlled by the Communist Party of China.

Chinese Task Force Chairman indeed had a lot to say on this issue, likewise, he commented, “It’s a risk that can be mitigated unless these companies are excluded from our networks, and I’m glad that India has recognized this as a threat. India has once again proven that why it is a global leader in the fight against security threats posed by CCP-controlled Technology.”

Popular Congressman Mike Waltz also thanked India for the dent=ying the inclusion of CCP-run Huawei in their telecommunications. He further stated, “As the World’s largest democracy, India will be a critical ally in confronting China and securing our supply chains”.