Top 5 work – from – home applications , check specifications

Since the emergence of corona virus pandemic globally , people have moved to online working than offline . People have been preferring applications that allow them the ease of work and efficiency . Let’s discuss 5 best applications that you can consider while working from home .
Microsoft Teams is an effective application for daily communication that is efficient and effective.  The communication platform gives a similar service like Slack, providing workspace chat and video conference calls, app integration and file storages. You can send or receive files to or from your teammates, and share screens while meetings.
Slack is a fabulous tool for both large and small teams to provide the ease of work. The basic interface lets you communicate and manage work with your employees, text or call anyone / group, share, edit documents and collaborate with teammates for any projects. It also allows integration of third-party apps like Dropbox ,  Google  drive etc.
3. Zoom
Zoom is another effective tool to manage conference meetings online or share one’s screen to display presentations. You can run video meetings or even group voice calls when video calls aren’t necessary. You can host webinars or events and share files during meetings with employees. It allows people to run any meeting and also chat in the chatbox without audio .
Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to access your system securely from anywhere. It includes remote support that provides team members to access your system from their location. It allows you to share your screen with your co members which is helpful in a meeting.
Spark is a useful tool that saves you from being distracted by the barrage of emails. It automatically collects and organizes all your mails from each account and lets you prioritize the vital emails. It also filters out or snoozes the rest.