To Ensure 24×7 Connectivity Through Lockdown, TAIPA Seeks Urgent Intervention From DoT

The Telecommunication Department (DoT) has called for immediate action by the Tower & Infrastructure Providers Association (TAIPA) to ensure clock-round telecommunications connectivity during the curfew & lockdown enforced in countries/UTs throughout the region.

TAIPA urged the DoT to order the central ministry officials, the LSA and state/UT governments to extend assistance to the telecom infrastructure providers (IP-1) during lockdown / curfew time in a letter to Telecoms Secretary Anshu Prakash.

Maharashtra lockdown restrictions were put into the state on 15 April under the second strong wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, tightening the curbs on 22 April, effective until 1 May, though Delhi is to be locked out between 19 April and 26 April.

The Tower Corporation has requested DoT to guide state and UT Ministers, who permit the unlimited movement of on-site personnel and technicians for regular activity and repair of telecommunication turbines, diesel refuelling, etc.

TAIPA will also direct DoT’s Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas and oil firms for the provision of diesel for telecommunications tower companies round-the-clock, in the event of an emergency.

Furthermore, TAIPA aims to maintain a 24×7 continuous supply, at high priority, of electricity for every telecom tower service in every province. TAIPA called for DoT in the current situation to guarantee the protection and security of staff/technicians in telecommunications and telecom infrastructures in the States/UTs.

Finally, DoT would like to guarantee that no punitive steps against the local staff could be taken and demanded the uninterrupted removal of telecom towers.

“As the telecom services are pivotal for enabling several e-services, online applications, and work from home, etc therefore it becomes utmost important to ensure the continuity of telecom tower operations 24 *7 during curfew and lockdown situations in the country,” said T.R.Dua, Director-General, TAIPA.