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To Band or Not To Band! Every Smartphone needs to answer this…

Photo: Channel News

It is to be noted that the 5G bands that are available in the premium frequency range which is the mmWave(millimetre wavelength) aren’t going to be used much as they can be disturbed quite easily and would require the kind of investment that the telcos would fret over. Most of the smartphones launched in the Indian market support N78 band if the device is a 5G one.

Almost every new device in the midrange or premium segment is a 5G smartphone. Only the budget segment is witnessing the entry of new 4G devices such as the recently launched Poco M4 Pro 4G. But Poco had launched this device with a 5G chipset too. So the demand and supply of 5G smartphones is growing hand in hand.

Most of the telcos are eagerly waiting to make use of the 5G spectrum. Lower sub-1 GHz frequencies will be used or providing coverage, but they can’t deliver very high speeds. However, the 3.5 GHz frequencies will be decent for providing coverage as well as offering great speeds to the users. If you were wondering whether this is the right time to purchase a 5G smartphone, the answer is, it depends on your needs and what you expect out of your device and the mobile network.