ZTE-China Unicom Complete Intelligent Radio Network Orchestration Trial Successfully

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After showcasing the first commercially available smartphone with an in-display camera, ZTE has been at the forefront of technological breakthroughs in recent years. Despite the fact that the product did not sell in large quantities, it foreshadowed what was to come in the future and how far the IT industry still needs to go.

Today, ZTE Corporation, known for being a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise, and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, and China Unicom completed a commercial trial of the industry’s first Intelligent Radio Network Orchestration Solution, which included both user orchestration and network orchestration, in Dalian, China.

ZTE introduced the first Intelligent Orchestration Radio Network Solution in early 2021, based on ZTE’s vision and entire effort for 5G network development. The solution is powered by base station native intelligence and enhances user experiences through user orchestration and network orchestration, allowing for the meeting of more diversified B2B and B2C service needs.


What can be deduced from the results?

The findings suggest that user orchestration can increase both 5G user experiences and 5G camping ratios. The uplink NR low-throughput user ratio has been decreased by 50%, the changeover delay has been lowered by 50%, and the 5G camping ratio has been enhanced significantly.

Furthermore, when 4G/5G dynamic spectrum sharing is enabled, the network orchestration may automatically alter spectrum configurations based on traffic requirements.

Adapting to spectrum design will boost average 5G user throughput by 20% -130 percent, but 4G user numbers and traffic would remain untouched. This opens up new opportunities for improving NR user experience and simplifying O&M in 4G and 5G dynamic spectrum sharing scenarios.

ZTE and China Unicom have made significant progress in numerous innovative pilot domains to date. In one such case, ZTE received the ICT China 2020 Annual Excellent Solution Award for the company’s blockchain-based sharing solution in the 5G RAN sharing scenario, as well as the Best Practice Award for 5G Network and Terminal Coordination for the 5G low-altitude private network.

In the future, both companies have stated that they will collaborate more on intelligent radio network orchestration from standards, products, and services to facilitate research, development, and commercial applications, with the goal of building 5G networks with enhanced user experiences and network efficiency.










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