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Xiaomi’s Newest Patents Demonstrate the Company’s Future Plans

Patents leaked by MI


From the Mi Mix series to the distinctive designs of the company’s flagship series, Xiaomi has never faded from delivering distinctive models and designs. The firm has also been concentrating on developing additional goods and improving every part of the gadget.

Now, according to a tip from LetsGoDigital, it’s been discovered that Xiaomi has submitted documentation for three new smartphone designs, two of which may be worth your time.

The first of these concepts is to envision a future flagship gadget capable of competing with the best of the best. The smartphone is expected to use a camera module comparable to the Galaxy S21 series of smartphones. The camera module will also take up a significant amount of space on the back, with four distinct sensors.

The primary camera will protrude from the camera module, which might imply that it has a 108MP or higher sensor. The other two middle snappers, on the other hand, appear to be similar, with the bottom lens housed in a rectangle casing, indicating that the camera uses a periscope sensor.

The device’s corners are also shown, and a USB Type-C connector can be found on the device’s bottom right, along with a microphone.

What are the hints provided by Xiaomi about their other designs?

The second of these designs employ an oval camera module with two big sensors and three secondary or extra camera sensors. It’s not obvious if there are three cameras or two sensors with a flash. Regardless, a vertical line runs beside the camera module in this design, which may be an element in sync with a distinctive design.

The third design, which has a big camera on top and two sensors with other use cases at the bottom of the device, is a bit more modest.

We’ve seen patents in the past that show anything from rotating under-display cameras to speaker-phone concepts, so we know what to anticipate from Xiaomi’s future phones. However, there is a slim possibility that these concepts will make it to the consumer market, but a handful of these new patents may do so, especially because the first one may be predictive of what the market will look like in a year or two.

Nevertheless, because these are only patents at this moment, it’s unknown whether Xiaomi will utilise any of these designs in its models; however, given Xiaomi’s boldness, we might see some fascinating choices in the coming months, if not years.