Technology to empower Women at One Mega Event 2018

This year, One Mega Event 2018 is focussing on safety of women and girls, which is need of the hour.  They are subject to the threats like sexual harassment and violence not only in India but worldwide. The 3-day Expo will host a special session titled, Metropolitan strategies to achieve Safe Cities for women and girls: The NUA and SDG as a real opportunity at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.
On the inaugural day, i.e 23 May, the networking event will share the first results of a research initiative carried out by Metropolis Network, and Women in Cities International (WIC). This will map existing policies, programmes, and strategies being carried out by metropolitan governments and members of the association, around women’s safety in urban public spaces, a priority in both the New Urban Agenda (NUA) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 5 and 11. While SDG 11 calls for making cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable, and is intrinsically linked to SDG 5 on gender equality, the NUA sets global standards in sustainable urban development.
One of the key objectives of the government’s flagship Smart Cities Mission is to promote cities that provide ‘smart’ solutions for safety and security of citizens, particularly women, children and the elderly. The mission opens new windows of opportunity for the Government to spur its goal of restructuring the nation in a gender sensitive manner.

“One Mega Event 2018 provides a platform that enables deeper communication and a more practical approach to resolving societal problems and seizing business opportunities for a number of players working towards making smart cities a reality,” added Mr. Prem Behl, Chairman, Exhibitions India Group.

The One Mega Event 2018, expo to create awareness on use of mobile and futuristic technologies, and intelligent mobility in smart cities to tackle gender-based harassment and violence in public spaces.

Recognising that partnerships and collaborations between citizens, local governments, the private sector and civil society organisations are essential, the critical session will see government representatives, urban experts, women’s organisations and community leaders discuss innovative and evidence based approaches, tools and best practices.

“Though practical urban planning practices such as improved lighting and design of streets and public spaces, and reliable, affordable and comfortable public transport facilities are a major achievement for ensuring safety and security of women and girls in our society, urban spaces will become truly safe when all citizens change their mindset and actively contribute towards elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls,” said Mr. LC Goyal, CMD, India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO).
Hosted by the ITPO and Exhibitions India Group, One Mega Event 2018 combines five leading expos – 2nd Buildings India 2018 expo, 3rd Solar India 2018 expo, 3rd Transport India 2018 expo, 4th Smart Cities India 2018 expo and 5th Water India 2018 expo. White Note is an official online media partner for the mega event.