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The Satcom Industry Association of India (SIA India) wants a race to the bottom for satellite broadband

SIA India


The Satcom Industry Association – India (SIA-India) has just responded to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s (TRAI) consultation document on the ‘Road to Promote Broadband Connectivity and Enhanced Broadband Speed.’ In its answer, SIA-India stated that the industry regulator should create an equal playing field for both satellite broadband carriers and fixed-line broadband carriers. Here are all of the points that SIA-India wants TRAI to examine when it comes to satellite broadband legislation in India.


For all future consultations, TRAI must include satellite broadband.

In their answer, SIA-India requested that TRAI include satellite broadband in any future discussions and engagements about broadband in India. In addition, the satcom industry group wants the FCC to introduce specific incentives for VSAT and satellite broadband service providers, similar to what fixed-line broadband service providers receive.

According to SIA-India, the satellite broadband industry should be incentivized in the same manner that fixed-line broadband networks are, so that a fair playing field may be offered amongst different technologies.

Furthermore, any simplification or liberalization of the licensing structure must encompass the satellite broadband sector with a “single entry window,” according to the industry group. Broadband supply through satellite should be prioritized by Bharat Net, according to SIA-India.

Furthermore, SIA-India advised that if any sort of Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) is offered to fixed-line broadband consumers, the same benefit should be extended to satellite broadband consumers as well.

All of SIA-requests India’s are intended to guarantee that all benefits are distributed evenly to broadband service providers. This would not deter enterprises from delivering high-quality broadband services to their customers.

Finally, SIA-India has urged that any exemption period available to fixed-line broadband providers be extended to satellite broadband providers.

SIA-India is a non-profit industry association that advocates and protects the interests of India’s satellite ecosystem. The necessity for such laws and restrictions would become clearer if satcom operators begin selling satellite internet services in India the following year.