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Mavenir builds a campus network to show off its Open RAN capabilities in Dallas

Photo: Mavenir

Mavenir builds a campus network to show off its Open RAN capabilities in Dallas . Furthermore , the campus showcases network integration across a suite of certified options, amalgamation with 3rd party vendors for interoperability testing along with a new vision to launch Virtualize Radio Access Network (Open vRAN) Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS)/OnGo Private Network deployments.

Mavenir’s CBRS/OnGo certified product offering address macro, enterprise and Industry 4.0 use cases. These solutions are to be delivered as an end-to-end private network solution or as part of an Open RAN deployment to help Enterprises, Carriers, Enterprises, System Integrators (SIs) , Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) take leverage of the CBRS spectrum through the United States.

The Mavenir Private Network solution offering, MAVedge, has radio and core for full CBRS/OnGo® connectivity across varied applications:

MAVair :

A full suite of 4G/5G FCC and OnGo® certified Citizen Broadband Service Devices (CBSD): for both indoor and outdoor applications, analytics and zero-touch provisioning .

Smart poles inclusive of a wide range of capabilities including electric vehicle (EV) charger station, large light-emitting diode (LED) display unit for advertisements, camera, street light and weather station / environmental sensor.

CBRS/OnGo® Open vRAN: created with cloud-native virtualization techniques enabling the RAN to flex and adapt based on usage and coverage.

MAVcore :

4G/5G Evolved Packet Core (EPC), delivered on premise, hybrid and cloud hosted CBRS/OnGo® as a service.

As a pioneer in the Open RAN, Mavenir has completed interoperability trials with 3rd party solution providers, including multiple Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), to validate and showcase vendor interoperability and demonstrate how the ecosystem deploys a successful and functional Open vRAN-based private network. The Mavenir campus hosts a private CBRS/OnGo® network for indoor and outdoor interoperability showcasing network Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities, radios and antennas deployed across a variety of smart use cases including smart light poles. Additionally, the campus demonstrates throughput, handover, and full carrier aggregation across both General Authorized Access (GAA) and Priority Access License (PAL) spectrum.

“Mavenir is committed to driving interoperability by growing the CBRS/OnGo® ecosystem with device vendors, application providers and network connectivity players”, said Mavenir’s Aniruddho Basu, SVP and GM of Emerging Business. “The Mavenir 4G/5G Campus offers a network showcase Open vRAN and demonstrates open interoperability, test and implementation of end-to-end user applications, including IoT sensor and device connectivity. Putting Mavenir on the map for municipalities, enterprises and Communication Service Providers (CSP) looking to explore the possibilities available by operating a private network.”