STMicro marries Simplicity with Flexibility in STSPIN

STSPIN is yet another example of STMicroelectronics (STMicro) for simplifying the design of low-to-mid-power motor controls in the 7V-45V range. The STSPIN830 and STSPIN840 single-chip drivers from STMicro contain flexible control logic and low-RDS(ON) power switches for industrial applications, medical technology, and home appliances.

STSPIN brings Simplicity and Flexibility for Low- to Mid-power applications.

The STSPIN830 for driving 3-phase brushless DC motors has a mode-setting pin that lets users control the three half bridges of the integrated power stage with direct U, V, and W pulse-width modulated (PWM) inputs, or by applying signals to each gate individually for higher control flexibility. A dedicated sense pin for each inverter leg simplifies setting up three-shunt or single-shunt current sensing for Field-Oriented Control (FOC). This is ideal for factory-automation end-points, home appliances, small pumps, and fans for computer or general-purpose cooling.
The STSPIN840 can drive two brushed DC motors or one larger motor leveraging ST’s well- known, market-proven paralleling concept, which allows the integrated full bridges to be configured as two separate bridges or as a single bridge using the two sets of MOSFETs in parallel for lower RDS(ON) and higher current rating. It targets ATM and money-handling machines, multi-axis stage-lighting mechanisms, thermal printers, textile or sewing machines, and vending machines.
With their high feature integration and flexibility, the newly launched drivers enable more compact and cost-effective controls for industrial, robotic, medical, building-automation, and office-equipment applications. Both these drivers are in production now, as 4mm x 4mm QFN devices. Pricing for both starts from $1.25 for orders of 1000 pieces.
Two STM32 Nucleo expansion boards are provided to facilitate product evaluation and build functional prototypes using the STM32 Open Development Environment: X-NUCLEO-IHM16M1 for the STSPIN830 and X-NUCLEO-IHM15A1 for the STSPIN840, both priced at $16.
Both drivers contain rich features, including PWM current-control circuitry with adjustable off-time, and interlocking to help create robust and reliable drives.
The integrated power stage of each device features ST-proprietary MOSFETs with low RDS(ON) of only 500mΩ to combine high efficiency with economy.