Samsung created a Bitcoin Mining Rig from 40 old Samsung Galaxy S5

There is a always a Smartphone kept for the emergency purpose by the people which is neither used much nor it is liked by the users to use when they have the better versions of the same phone.
Most of the time, they end up in a garbage box or in a mobile shop to extract their left useful parts. Samsung has taken the initiative to do something amazing with these smart phones .They have taken the up cycling initiative, so that the used phones could be used once again instead of them being the e-waste.
Recently, an initiative was taken by Samsung in San Francisco. They demonstrated the reuse and better use of 40 old GalaxyS5 smart phones. They showed how these 40 waste materials could be turned into a Bitcoin mining rig.
Ubuntu was run by an old galaxy tablet turned into a laptop. Not only this, an old galaxy S3 was converted into a fish tank censor and an old phone programmed with facial recognition software to act as a home security camera system.
The creative team of Samsung also informed media about their upcoming projects.Although, there wasn’t much details provided by the company regarding the Bitcoin minig rig,but it was observed that 8 old Samsung Galaxy S5 units working together showed more effective results than a desktop running an i7 2600 processor.
Another most important thing Samsung announced was its plans to release the rooting software it used to unlock the devices, as well as blueprints for the various projects.
Overall the initiative taken by Samsung would not only helps to reuse the Smartphone once again in a better way, but also helps in developing new technology.