Rappio announces partnership with Pocket Money marketing mobile app


Rappio, a free recharge mobile application, has announced to enter into a partnership with Pocket Money, a performance marketing mobile app that allow users to earn money for discovering exploring apps. With this partnership Rappio will be able to penetrate more in audio advertising with 160 times more reach than before.
Currently installed by 50 thousand users, Rappio offers a recharge every time the user gets a phone call. Leading to a daily average of 1 lakh ringtones played across their user base. As the market for smartphone users is widening, mobile applications, too, are catching pace. This increase in user base has resulted in the advent of new mobile apps, collaborations and acquisitions.
One such recent entry into the turf of collaborations is Mobile Application Rappio with Pocket Money. Rappio announced collaboration with Pocket Money which will give them the advantage of high reach with 9 Million Plus installs of Pocket Money on the other hand Pocket Money will be able to provide one more channel for user engagement.
Rappio and Pocket Money will leverage this collaboration in terms of increasing their visibility in the Indian Advertisement market. Rappio will be able to promote more advertisers interested in brand marketing through audio after this partnership with the reach they are getting with Pocket Money.