Oppo Enco W11 Review: All pros and Cons explained

oppo enco w11 TWS earphones


OPPO has come up with its new Enco W11 TWS(Truly Wireless) Bluetooth earphones line-up. 
The earphones have a lot of features in it, especially the touch-oriented controls. Be it volume up/down, changing tracks from next to previous, pausing/playing tracks, or receiving/ending calls everything is possible with just a touch of our index finger!
Oppo claims that we can enjoy 5 hours of playback time without the charging case, or 20 hours with it. Just a 15-minute charge can give us 1 hour of playback time, which is quite a relief for people who don’t often charge their Bluetooth earphones. 
Also, Oppo boasts that the W11 is equipped with 8mm dynamic drivers with titanium-plated composite diaphragms. In simple language, this means we get an enhancing bass, extending the reach of high frequencies for ultra-clear audio. Also, it supports the AAC sound format, for a higher audio coding that lets us enjoy every detail of our music.
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It comes with BlueTooth 5.0 and is IP55 certified water and dust resistant. So, it’s okay if we use them during our workout and in times of rain, but can’t go and dive in a swimming pool with it!  It also has low latency, hence increasing overall stability. So instead of receiving signals on one side and sending them to the other, the W11 earphones receive signals on both sides at the same time  


Rest assured, once paired, stays paired, i.e., Once we connect it with our phone, it stays connected and shuts off only while we put the earphones in its charging case. until and unless we disconnect it, it’s remembered by our phones. 
It is priced at INR 1,799, which is a very cheap rate for a TWS Earphone, and is available only in one color: pearl white. 
My opinion? JBI, i.e., Just buy it! It’s a value for money and won’t disappoint you at any moment. Whether you’re gaming, watching films, or making/receiving calls, it’s a pal you can rely on.
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