May 15 Deadline for WhatsApp Users’ accepting New Privacy Policy Terms Scrapped

WhatsApp scraps may 15 deadline

Speaking of Facebook-owned WhatsApp and its new updates regarding the new privacy policy terms, it indeed was a pain for users to accept all terms. In fear of that, many users had updated their apps likewise. But in the recent turn of events, the May 15 Deadline for users to accept its controversial privacy policy update has been struck off, for the same, it will not lead to deletion of accounts.

In memorial, WhatsApp faced severe backlash over user concerns that data was being shared with parent company, Facebook.

“No accounts will be deleted on May 15 because of this update and no one in India will lose functionality of WhatsApp either. We will follow up with reminders to people over the next several weeks,” a WhatsApp spokesperson said in an email response to a query to PTI on Friday.

The spokesperson further stated, majority of users who have received the new terms of service have accepted them, some people have not had the chance to do so yet.”

However, the company didn’t clarify the reason behind the curb, and neither did they divulge the number of users who have accepted the terms so far.

In January 2021, WhatsApp informed its users about its change n the terms and public policies through an in-app notification. Users were given the liberty until February 8 to update their applications. WhatsApp claims that its key updates include information about its service and how it processes user data; how businesses can use Facebook-hosted services to store and manage their WhatsApp chats; likewise about its partnership with Facebook to offer integrations across the company products.

Whatsapp claimed that the acceptance of the privacy policy update doesn’t expand its ability to share user data with Facebook.

The spokesperson further stated, “as a reminder, this update doesn’t impact the privacy of personal messages for anyone. Our goal is to provide information about new options we are building that people will have to message a business on WhatsApp in the future”.

WhatsApp further claimed that it will take every necessary measure to explain how it protects people’s personal messages and private information.

This fang of sympathy for the deadline comes at a time when Social-media platform like Facebook, the microblogging site Twitter and social symbol WhatsApp have become lifelines for people dying for Oxygen Cylinders, beds, Plasma Donors, and ventilators as the country is now in a very intense and uncanny state reeling under the second wave of COVID-19.

India is the world’s second-largest telecom market and the biggest consumer of data. Following the backlash of WhatsApp, popular rivals like Telegram and Signal had seen a boost in their prominence, as users chose to use them instead.

In the past. WhatsApp has claimed that it is open to answering any questions from the government on the privacy issue and will continue to explain to users that their messages are end-to-end encryrted.