Kryea adding the Right Flavor to the Indian Education sector!

Gone are the days when kids were burdened with loads of books. Besides theory, practical knowledge is on the rise. Today, no industry is left untouched by the beauty and the benefits of ICT! With time technology is helping the education sector evolve. At the same time, safety and security of kids is a big concern when at school, during transit and at home. Ghaziabad, UP based, Kryea Info Solutions provides complete end-to-end technology solution to streamline all the challenges and boost the performance of teachers, staff and the students in the long run. The company is designed with the mission to provide technology ridden tools to the Newspoolduring an exclusive talk with CEO- Kryea Info Solutions, Mr. Rajneesh got to understand the bouquet of end to end solutions they have for educational institutions. Below are the excerpts…

What is the role of ICT in education sector?

Today our personal & professional lives are driven by Information & Technology. We see ICT being used everywhere right from small grocery shops all the way to large enterprises. Our connections professional & personal are controlled with a click of a button or tap of a screen.
So why leave out the education sector where the future of the world creates its foundations.
There are plethora of applications, websites, gadgets & mobile apps developed in recent times with a clear focus on education sector. E-learning, online K-12 content, online assessments, and online courses have become hottest selling stuff on internet. Not surprisingly every major company in information technology sector, Microsoft, & Google from software side and Apple, HP, Dell from hardware side are making a beeline to provide customised solutions for the education sector.

How is Kryea participating in the trend?

Kryea Info Solutions has been formed with a vision to provide the state-of-the-art technology solutions to the education & training sector.
We are providing solutions specifically for the education sector ranging from interactive touchscreens, K-12 content and online assessment solutions for classrooms and visitor management systems, asset management and office management solutions for administrative part of operations.
Every solution is high on technology yet low on cost so that the affordability does not become a hindrance in way of adopting this catalyst of making a difference in the way teachers teach while preserving their creativity.

When you talk about visitor management system, then how do you ensure that no unauthorised visitor pays visit with malafide intentions (in terms of security aspect)?

In Hello Visitors, our visitor management system, the software is an important part while the Visitor ID card/Tag printing & management also forms a part of the solution. Essentially the visitor needs to be registered prior to his visit by the concerned person and authority providing complete details in to the software system.  This ensures no unauthorised personnel enter the school premises.
However, in event of any on the spot visitor such as a non-registered person visiting the administrative office or a family member of the student is visiting to interact with the staff, teachers or students, there needs to be a written request, manual or electronic, generated by the concerned person for the visitor to be allowed into the premises. Then the Visitor IFD tag iOS generated and only after due diligence is done is the visitor allowed to enter.

Do you have one size-fit-all kind of solutions or you customise it for every customer?

Most of the technology solutions that we offer are standardised as in course of development of the product, due care had been taken to understand & address all potential issues. However, as information technology is in constant state of development any such upgrades and updates are also provided to the customer.
Alternately, there are some customers who would require a certain level of customisation of the solutions. To address these, most of the products support customer level customisations such as logos or office address and few more are possible and in case of hardware devices, the interactive  interface is relatively simple to use and even display settings are easily changeable for making presentations attractive.

How big is your team? Do you have any expansion plans?

We are a startup that thinks differently. We believe Human Resource (HR) is the most valuable resource and relations ships are the most important asset for the growth of any entrepreneurial venture.
When Kryea started about one year ago, it had been a single technocrat driven startup with a technological vision for education sector. Today we have about 3 associates and 4 freelancers doing business promotions for us across various areas in Delhi & NCR as well as other regions of North India. As our growth is inevitable, our expansion includes increasing employee turnover while working on consolidating our customer base primarily in North India in next two years, then moving to pan-India expansion.
We see Kryea to be a leading technology provider to the education sector with variety of technology solutions to the schools & teachers, the sculptors of our future generations.

Can you share some case study where Kryea helped an educational institute? 

When Indirapuram Public School in Ghaziabad (UP) adopted Cambridge Curriculum for their newly opened section, they were provided interactive touchscreen solution for classroom teaching whereby the online content including documents, videos, pictures from Cambridge University, UK; needed to be presented to the students. This solution was of tremendous utility for them as the interactive boards not only helped them to present the online content but also provide opportunity to use the various features to enhance productivity of the teaching staff.
Indirapuram Public School also uses visitor management system to register & track parents’ visits to the school and also visitors coming for admission enquiry, vendor registration, and any other academic or administrative functions.