IMS helps BSNL improves it's Customer Service Experience

EverestIMS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Everest) has successfully equipped the BSNL with a one-stop solution. Everest’s integrated solution, Infrastructure Management Suite (IMS) and ITILv3 based Ticketing Engine (Service Manager) helped BSNL to ensure maximum service quality along with SLA management.

EverestIMS writes a second success story by helping BSNL in MP with 99% SLA Adherence.

The BSNL network service link connectivity is spread across thousands of locations within the state of Madhya Pradesh (MP) through two of its prestigious clients, namely MP SWAN and MP High Court. To address disrupted services, interrupted connectivity, BSNL (MP) was looking for an integrated and comprehensive tool, which allows a hawk-eye view of all links across the state.
Along with reports and dashboards aligned to their specific business needs, BSNL wanted a tool to have the capability to manage SLAs of incidents that are detected or received from any customer site. They wanted a solution that not only minimizes downtime, but also monitors network/link connectivity in real time, thereby offering better customer satisfaction with uninterrupted services.

EverestIMS ensured minimal downtime, real-time monitoring of the entire BSNL network across Madhya Pradesh, thereby creating satisfied and happy customer base.

Everest’s integrated solution of IMS and ITILv3 based Ticketing Engine (Service Manager) helped resolve BSNL’s painstaking customer experience and ensure superior service delivery. BSNL can now monitor health & performance of all the links providing connectivity to all its customers spread across the state.
Mr Mahesh Shukla, CGMT, BSNL (Bhopal) said, “EverestIMS’ integrated solution gave us a one-stop platform. It’s incredible to see how two separate tools (Everest IMS and Everest SM) unified on a single platform can act so much in sync to seamlessly take care of multiple facets of an entire business having a multi-location presence. From network connectivity, automatic ticket logging, auto-alerting & escalation, self-discovering new devices & backing up device configuration, managing field engineers to meeting internal & vendor, these tool together can literally do everything. This solution has truly helped us rectify the actual problems and cut down on unnecessary recurring costs.”
Mr. Satish Kumar V, CEO, Everest said, “BSNL was not in a position to compromise with the customer experience under any circumstances. Everest caught BSNL’s core IT team’s attention quicker than expected, through its accurate, real-time monitoring capabilities, customized reports & unified dashboards enabling seamless monitoring of the entire BSNL network at a glance. Our strategic partnership with Shivam Associates helped us in providing a 360 degree business solution – the integrated tool from our end and a 24×7 NOC service from their side.”
Shivam Associates in association with EverestIMS Technologies looks forward to providing potential solution offerings to help businesses deliver maximum performance. The simplicity & easy-to-use nature of implemented Everest solution, backed by product training proved to be a game-changer in BSNL’s case.
By building products which are flexible with a feature-rich framework, Everest has been providing solutions to most of the known Telco brands, making it obvious that the company holds a strong position in this industry space.