How to Increase your Smartphone’s average Life Span?

use your smartphones the right way


What do we often do with our phones ??
Social Media, YouTube, Netflix/Amazon Prime/Other OTT platforms, Gaming, and sometimes when we feel like studying, we open PDF/Word Files.
I have mentioned all the major things we do. But do we do it the correct way ??
Some points to keep in mind while performing the above actions(Software related):
  • Use lite apps instead of using Original apps like Facebook Lite, WhatsApp lite, Messenger Lite, Spotify Lite, and other such lite apps. Doing this keeps our phones’ storage at an optimum level and bulk-free.
  •  Remember to restart your phones once in a while. It maintains the speed of the processor and keeps the phone’s performance at its best level.
  • Never install Cleaning Apps for Phones. Instead of keeping our phones clean, they create unnecessary bulk spam and decrease the speed of our phones.
  • Uninstall apps that come pre-installed with phones. Also, remember to uninstall apps that have very little usage on your phone, which we seldom install and forget to use.  
  • Always remember to remove recent items(frequently used apps and docs/PDFs) for a smooth performance.
  • Check your phone’s performance/stats before installing an update for your phone. Sometimes, phone updates may slow down our phones or cause minor issues in the software framework.
Now on how to increase the Overall Life of our phones(Hardware related):
  • Always opt for a good quality tempered glass for your phone. Never go with the cheap options, as it causes damage to the original display and brings scratches to the display. Instead of protecting our screen, it does the contrary.
  • Opt for a good quality cover/case for the phone you are using. Matter of fact, we have already spent a good amount of cash on buying our phones, why not spend some on protection too?
  • Never use OTG(On The Go) adapters frequently. It slows down our phones to an unimaginable level.
  • Always use the original power cable and adapter provided in the smartphone box for charging your phones. Using third-party hardware creates a glitch in the performance. 
  • Avoid overexposing your phone to scorching sunlight. It heats up the phone and causes a malfunction in its overall framework.
Rest assured, there are a lot of things we can do to increase the life of our phones, both in software and hardware framework. It is solely on our sense of responsibility to keep using a phone for more than a year. 
So think responsibly, and act responsibly!
Check out the YouTube links provided below for more information: