How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership in India , 2021 

You can eradicate your Prime membership in India any time by visiting the Amazon site on your computer or mobile phone where the application is.


•Amazon Prime membership comes with speedy order delivery options now

•You can stop your Amazon Prime membership by visiting the official site of Amazon

•Amazon Prime membership once cancelled will pull exclusive access to the offers

You should note, that if you choose to end your Amazon subscription in India, it will continue for the period you have paid for already. Similarly, if you have opted for the quarter membership, it will continue till the finish of the three-month period from the date you subscribed already.

You can stop your Amazon Prime membership any time by going to the Amazon website on your computer or via its application on your phone. Here’s how you can proceed :

How to cancel your Amazon Prime membership in India :

1.Go to the website and sign in with your account details

2.Tap on the hamburger menu option from the top-left side and select Your Account , that is there

3.Now, press the Prime option.

4.Tap on the Manage membership link and a drop-down list will be shown . Select Manage Membership.

5.Press the End membership option then

6.Amazon will show a screen to highlight the things that you have saved in delivery fees as you have joined the membership. Tap Continue to Cancel there.

7.You will then see a screen showing the End button. This will end your Prime membership once it reaches a renew date.

It is vital to note that once you have ended your Prime membership, you will not be able to get any Prime exclusive offers and services it offers.

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