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Enterprises will benefit from T-Mobile and Ericsson’s 5G Advanced Network Solutions

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T-Mobile and Ericsson announced today that T-5G Mobile’s Advanced Network Solutions (5G ANS) – a suite of supercharged 5G network choices for enterprise and government customers — will be powered by Ericsson’s industry-leading RAN and Core technology. Customers may choose the amount of performance they require with 5G Advanced Network Solutions, providing them with the freedom to unleash the power of 5G. CIOs and CTOs can now access network power that has the potential to alter their businesses by increasing revenue, lowering expenses, and providing exciting new customer experiences.

While the market for 5G network solutions has been inundated with hype, the Un-carrier has been innovating and producing results with partners like Ericsson.

Consider the Sail GP worldwide racing league. They need a 240k data point per second transfer from their fleet of F50 foiling boats while racing — and occasionally at speeds of more than 60 mph. T-Mobile was able to install an Ericsson-based 5G Hybrid Mobile Network with 5G ANS, providing SailGP with greater dependability and lower latency than ever before.

Ericsson and T-Mobile have a long history of collaboration, extending back to the days of 1G technology, so it’s only natural for them to bring in a new age of 5G solutions for businesses. Ericsson’s cutting-edge Private 5G hardware and software will be combined with T-leading Mobile’s 5G assets to create 5G Advanced Network Solutions. Customers can obtain the latency, security, reliability, and speed they need for all 5G era use cases, such as delivering increasingly real-life AR and VR experiences for training or field service, with Ericsson’s, RAN and Core powering T-suite Mobiles of 5G Advanced Network Solutions.

“As 5G transforms the landscape, our mission is to help enterprise customers realize the value of real-time data in making decisions that help their businesses run faster, more efficiently, and stay ahead of the curve,” Mishka Dehghan, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Product, and Solutions Engineering, T-Mobile Business Group, said. “We’re proving — not telling — that 5G MEC is real, and helping clients enhance their business today, with T-leading Mobile’s 5G network, America’s largest and fastest, and superb RAN and Core equipment from partners like Ericsson.”

“With a clear vision for customer experience and a drive for providing commercial value, Ericsson is thrilled about T-launch Mobiles of 5G Advanced Network Solutions,” stated Jonas Tamsons, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Area Technologies and New Businesses, Ericsson. “The T-Mobile and Ericsson cooperation allows businesses who wish to go wireless to get unambiguous outcomes.”

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