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Dish Network is partnering up with Dell to build a 5G network infrastructure

Dish Network's 5G initiative


Dish Network, an American multinational corporation, will rely on Dell Technologies Inc for critical components of the new 5G network being developed in the United States. On Tuesday, the information was made public. According to Reuters, Dish plans to reach 70% of the country’s population with its network by 2023. Furthermore, Dish is preparing to offer its first 5G service in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the near future. One of the distinguishing aspects of Dish Network’s 5G infrastructure is that it was built from the ground up. Dish Network, unlike other operators, is not updating its existing network to provide faster 5G speeds.


Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) will be used by Dish Network

Dish Network’s choice to develop a 5G network from the ground up will provide operators with a number of advantages in the near future. The operator is using the Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) technology to build the network. If you’re not familiar with O-RAN, it’s a network technology that utilizes software to execute network operations on standardized computer hardware rather than buying all of the network’s equipment from individual telecoms equipment suppliers like Nokia, Huawei, and others. Dish Network’s move allows them to combine hardware services from several providers. For cell tower gear and cloud computing services, the business has previously partnered with Fujitsu Ltd and Amazon Web Services.


Dell Acquires a Flagship Customer in the United States for the Technology

According to the terms of the agreement, Dell will give Dish Network computer servers that will be placed in the center of cell towers or near them to crunch data while sharing it with the central data center would cause too much delay. Dish’s Executive Vice President and Chief Network Officer, Marc Rouanne, indicated that the firm may either install servers at the bottom of the tower or centralize up to 50 locations. He also mentioned that the software’s distinctive feature is that it allows for adjustable placement based on the company’s demands. Dell also gains a flagship customer for its technologies on American soil as a result of the arrangement. Vodafone said earlier this week that Dell will help them build Europe’s first O-RAN 5G network.