Damson Technologies announces India Operations

Damson Technologies has formally announced its India operations. From product design to packaging to logistics and after-sales service, company benchmarks their processes against the best as quality is a way of life and it encompasses everything they do.
“Damson group has already shown great results as trusted OEM manufacturer in several countries and I am eager to see the new heights we will reach in India operations too. We are passionate about innovation & every year we invest a huge share of profit on R&D to invent technologies that bring advancements in products that we manufacture,” said Vinod Goenka, Chairman, Damson Technologies.
The company caters to the demand of Bluetooth products for mobile and IT Brands, entertainment product manufacturing companies, LFRs and Online portals across the globe. The core areas of the company’s activities in India will include design, product development, sales, marketing and doing strategic partnerships for brand CORSECA.
“We have strategically structured our distribution network and positioned our business for future. The current sales and marketing structure of Damson approach allows us to grow, win across product categories, create well-organized channel and reach geographies by better serving our customers,” said Vivek Goenka, Director at Damson Technologies .
“With the rejection rate of less than 0.03% we are totally committed to understand and meet the quality needs and expectations of all our customers. Overall, we at Damson always remain focused on developing and bringing in elegant, unique and state-of-the-art products for our customers and trusted partners,” said Ritesh Goenka, Director, Damson Technologies.
Factors such as, rising young age population is anticipated to drive the growth of the India mobile phone accessories market over the forecast period. The company is well positioned, offering a clear, scalable and participative sales and engagement model. This keeps them in control of the entire ordering and supply process. Well defined methods and SOPs ensure seamless execution and desired outcomes.