Clubhouse to Launch Monetization, Beta Testing for Android and Other Improvements Announced

Clubhouse has began it’s beta testing Android application with a selected number of testers. The application has also announced few improvements in the IOS app. Clubhouse was introduced by 2020 in the month of April as an unique application that gained extensive popularity since then. It is now being matched by the likes of rivals, as Instagram live rooms, Reddit Talk, Discord Stage Channel, Telegram Voice Chats 2.0 and so on. LinkedIn and Facebook have been working on releasing their alternatives, and Mark Cuban’s Fireside audio chat and podcasting application is awaited to introduce soon.

Clubhouse IOS app improvements and Android version launch was introduced via a press release. An in-app banner in the IOS clubhouse is informing people of the new announcements. Clubhouse has not given a specific date for the launch of Android version but  due to its beta version, a stable application is expected to release soon. “We cannot wait to welcome more Android users to clubhouse over the coming week’s”,  was stated in the press release.

For the users of IOS app, clubhouse is building a prompt that will facilitate the club hosts to know whenever someone new joins the room and stick around. The application has also worked upon the suggestions and notifications. The improvements in Voiceover Accessibility support were also made to make it easier for users to identify who is speaking. It can be done via double clicking on the given screen or using the ” Magic Tap” indication.

Earlier, clubhouse made public the news that it will start a monetization feature for it’s users and creators on the platform. Also, they claimed to not take any cut in the monetization. The clubhouse application will facilitate it’s customers to send money to creators ( those who enable the feature) – via clicking the Send Money Option. Applications like Discord, Instagram live rooms, Reddit talk, Telegram voice chats 2.0, have already started as alternatives to the leading audio – only social media channel.