Big Announcements by Apple for it’s ‘Spring Loaded’ Event

At a campus event in Cupertino, California, Apple unveiled a number of new hardware devices. Of course the highlight was the iPad Pro with an LED screen and the latest iMac. The company has announced a new Apple TV Streaming Box, a new violet colour feature for the iPhone 12 and more. Here’s what you need to do if you skipped the case.

Announces podcast subscriptions

Apple is offering access to Apple Podcasts in an effort to raise sales. Subscriptions for Apple Podcasts will be available in May for listeners in more than 170 countries and territories. The prices are determined by developers per each subscription and are paid by default monthly. In order to monitor your Apple ID settings, developers can also sell annual accounts which their subscribers can manage. The firm now had its Apple Podcast application redesigned.

Introduces new iPhone 12 colour: Purple

Apple is releasing the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini which, in April 30 with pre-order beginning on Friday, that will be available in a new purple colour. The new iPhone 12 is no different from the previous model, it’s just a new device colour. Prices begin with Rs 79,990 and Rs 69,900.

Long-expected AirTag is here

Finally, Apple released AirTag, a brand new iPhone accessory. This tile-like gadget uses customised Find Me technology from Apple, which uses an iPhone network to find missing items such as keys and bags. AirTag is priced at Rs 3190 for one or Rs 10,900 for four. It will hit retail shelves on April 30. There is also a special Hermès range of both AirTag and holder.

Apple TV 4K with a new processor, remote

Finally revamped is the Apple TV 4K set. It has a new A12 processor which features a remote aluminium overhaul with physical buttons. A trackpad with clickable D-Pad buttons is combined in the new remote. Remote compatibility with older Apple TVs than running tvOS is possible in May. The new Apple TV will be available for storage on Rs 18,900 for 32GB. It will be up for delivery on April 30th, and in the second half of May it will start shipping. Also for Rs 5800, Apple sells the latest Apple TV remote.

New iMacs with colourful options

The iMac comes with an M1 cpu for the first time and not an Intel chip. This isn’t everything, though. The new iMac comes in red, blue, violet, orange, black, silver and grey, with a fresh and thinner aluminium build. The updated iMac is just like the iPad Pro. Apple says the iMac volume was 50% lower, which means that the architecture is slimmer. It features a 24-inch screen with an upgraded 1080p video webcam. The new magnetic control connector of Apple is also supplied. The base model cost Rs 119,900 and Rs 139,900 for an upgraded model. On April 30th, the latest iMacs can be pre-ordered.

Updated iPad Pros with a desktop processor

As planned, new iPad Pro models will be launched by Apple. They will be available with an 8-core GPU M1 chip in 11 inches and a new Thunderbolt connector. They are also available in 12.9 inch. The 12.9-inch top-end model is now equipped with a new mini-LED screen.
Apple also brought the M1 processor of the firm to iPad Pro for the first time. Apple claims the iPad Pro is up to 1500 times quicker than the first iPad, released in 2010. This isn’t everything. The updated Thunderbolt port also features a broader variety of adapters.

Also included with the updated iPad Pro is an updated digital camera system. There is an ultra large 12MP lens in the front camera. A 2TB storage capacity is now available for the revised iPad Pro. As previously rumoured, 5G networking for high-speed data transfer is supported in the latest iPad Pro.
The Magic keyboard is also available in a White colour variant with regard to accessories. It remains unchanged for Apple Pencil.