Bharti Airtel selected by two for every three customers: TRAI

Airtel on the verge to become the most used telecom service


When it comes to brand image, Bharti Airtel ranks first. The telco positions itself as a firm that focuses on quality subscribers that are willing to pay more for superior services. The corporation has just launched a new branding campaign emphasizing how world-class their network is.

According to a business statement, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) revealed statistics for the period September 2020 – February 2021, revealing that two out of every three consumers preferred Bharti Airtel’s networks over those of other carriers. In addition, nearly 25 million new subscribers were added by the telecom during the same time period.


The 5G-ready network of Bharti Airtel is expected to be a game-changer

Airtel is spending heavily on its network, which is why it already has a 5G-ready network. Airtel has already begun deploying the 355.4 MHz of extra spectrum it won in the previous auctions across many brands for Rs 18,699 crore.

According to Pallavi Chakravarti, Taproot Dentsu‘s Executive Creative Director, the industry is changing slowly. She was implying that Airtel is catching up to the industry and leaving Jio in the dust.

While the firm has been acquiring more users than Jio for some time, it is far from certain that it is on the verge of overtaking Reliance Jio. In a March analysis, Opensignal stated that Airtel’s mobile network is the best in India for gaming and video experiences for customers.

One thing is certain: Airtel has always innovated at its own speed. It is unconcerned about Jio consuming the entire market share. This is due to the fact that the telecom not only offers very affordable prepaid plans but also generated a profit in the previous calendar year.

It was a major win for the company’s investors, and it further demonstrated that Airtel is on the right track.  Airtel plans are one of the many unique offerings offered by Bharti Airtel. Even the corporation’s digital operations are attracting a large number of new users, which is good for the corporation.