Based on Preference, Facebook to Bring User Feedback on News Feed Arrangement

On Thursday, Facebook said it took action to include direct comments from users, so that its feeds could be arranged according to their preferences.

The first thing that users see when they open their account on their smartphone app or visit the Website is Facebook’s News Feed that consists of messages from friends and companies. Globally, the company is carrying out experiments to get more specific customer reviews, Facebook wrote in a blog post.

“While a post’s engagement — or how often people like it, comment on it, or share it — can be a helpful indicator that it’s interesting to people, this survey-driven approach, which largely occurs outside the immediate reaction to a post, gives a more complete picture of the types of posts people find most valuable and what kind of content detracts from their News Feed experience. Now, we’re building on these surveys by asking new questions about the content people find valuable as well as the content people don’t enjoy seeing in their News Feed,” wrote product management director Aastha Gupta in the blog post.

One of Facebook’s latest methods for gathering information from users is to figure out whether the user finds an inspirational message, to gauge curiosity in certain subjects, to better understand contents and to include comments directly on an article.

“Overall, we hope to show people more content they want to see and find valuable, and less of what they don’t. While engagement will continue to be one of many types of signals we use to rank posts in News Feed, we believe these additional insights can provide a more complete picture of the content people find valuable, and we’ll share more as we learn from these tests,” Gupta wrote.

The social media group said earlier that users asked for more control of their feed, and for less political and more motivational content.