Apple Grants a Patent for a ‘Modular Wall Unit System’ that configures a Smart-home


Recently, Apple has been granted a patent for a modular wall unit system that configures a smart home or a building.

According to Patently Apple, The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a patent that relates to a modular wall unit system, that automatically configures a smart home or a building.

Also, “Apple’s contribution to the smart-home has been limited to wall-mounted iPads and home pods. If a device like this is made, then it’s going to change the game”. Added Patently Apple.


Configuring a smart home is a tough nut to crack in itself. Be it connections, communication protocols, wiring, and connector types, hardware, and software configurations, etc., it is indeed daunting for a common individual to set up a general system to configure a smart-home.

Although for the tech-savvy generation, the entire process can be labor-intensive and a huge deal in the reconfiguration and replacement of old equipment with new ones is to be expected.

One of the core elements in the system is the host unit and a modular accessory.



Apple's New Patent for Modular Wall unit system

PIC CREDIT: Patently Apple


As the figure suggests, the host unit can be embedded within a building structure such as a wall, ceiling, floor, etc., and integrated with the electrical infrastructure of the building via an electrical power grid, cable ethernet, etc.

The modular accessory (power outlet), light switch, sensor device, etc. can be coupled/decoupled with the host unit. It can be configured interchangeably or non-destructively.


Once coupled, the system can automatically configure and authenticate the accessory.

According to Patently Apple, “It is just like coupling the AC Power and/or ethernet access to the accessory and configuring the setup and operation of the modular accessory control schemes (e.g- functionality and user control hierarchy) and the like”.

The main point is to be able to control all accessories through a single-host unit. In simple words, this concept would allow smart-home owners to be carefree. They won’t have to worry about which company is it from and what connections they might need.

One thing to keep in mind is that the modular wall unit system is just a patent now, we may/may not see this come to life. This could be a harbinger of change to the smart-home business.



Apple Patent reveals more about Modular Smart Home Plans.

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