AiO Webclient 12.1 features Teamchat Group and New Add-Ins

IceWarp Inc, has announced announced industry’s first Webclient 12.1 with a Teamchat group. This advanced team collaboration with extended options of email composition helps in creating natural flow of work in teams and delivers the most important information directly in the team.

IceWarp’s Webclient 12.1 version comes with two-factor authentication and GDPR Compliant.

IceWarp’s Webclient 12.1 version with two-factor authentication and GDPR Compliant offers the most compatible enterprise grade features with rich office suite that let the customers create, preview and edit MS Office and open file formats through its online editors tools.

Adam Paclt, Global CEO at IceWarp said, “In order to avoid multiple toggling, IceWarp’s webclient 12.1 version allows companies to perform their major project or task with a single interface with no complication of switching between applications to accomplish standard tasks which will lead to an increase in IT productivity.”

Its advanced new integrated features enable teammates and clients to easily access and interact with project tasks.
With the comprehensive services and solutions portfolio, IceWarp offers holistic keys for every business at every stage which helps them to grow. IceWarp mailer solution Webclient have evolved as a broader platform with new integrated features and will continue to rollout additional solutions in the coming months.

“Email is still the preferred way of communication in today business world both within the organizations and with the rest of the world. With this new release we are the only company to have an all-in-one web client in the world. We are truly redefining the way organizations look at Email and Collaboration solutions”, said Pramod Sharda, CEO, IceWarp – India & Middle East.
TeamChat allows the user to compose new mail with the help of other user and share the draft or incoming emails in Team chat rooms. Later, the user can easily send them to the group members from the chat room. IceWarp WebClient 12.1 solution helps to boost the delayed email which is in the Outbox. Using this solution, users can schedule the email for near future. The Webclient 12.1 solution allows users to unsubscribe unwanted mails.
Recently, with strong understanding of dynamics of Indian enterprise industry, IceWarp invested USD 1m, and secured some significant deals in India. The company revenue achieved 200% growth in FY 2017-18 in India.