1Password update for MacOS brings superior Safari integration

Photo: Wired

1Password, a leading password manager developed by AgileBits Inc, has been updated to version 7.7 for Mac, with a host of interesting features for Mac users including support for Apple Watch Unlock, superior integration with the Safari Web browser, among others. The new update also comes along with the release of the macOS Big Sur.

Launched in June 2006, the password manager provides a place for users to safely sync as well as store their passwords and other confidential information between multiple devices.

1Password 7.7 was released for macOS users on November 16 and comes with the new Unlock with Apple Watch feature. Although the latest version has yet to be uploaded to the Mac App Store, users can find it on the company’s website.

You could either enter the password or use Touch ID on compatible Mac machines in order to unlock 1Password depending on your Mac model.

It must be mentioned here that older MacBook models were required to enter their 1Password code all the time. Thanks to the arrival of the Unlock with Apple Watch feature, this won’t be a requirement anymore. In other words, your Mac can now be unlocked easily just using your Apple Watch.

In order to have this option activated, users must be either running macOS Catalina 10.15 or on a Mac with Secure Enclave.

After you set up the Unlock with Apple Watch feature, you will get notification each time you open 1Password in macOS.

Notably, the new update also offers marvellous integration with Safari. Now,1Password can automatically suggest passwords by checking webpages in the background. With a refreshed design to match some of the macOS Big Sur changes, the new update also brings improvements to safeguard user data privacy.